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Bullet Resistant Glass

Bullet Resistant Glass

Modern glass manufacturing achieves the ultimate paradox: Glass, commonly thought of as extremely fragile, can now be manipulated into an impenetrable material used where ballistic defense or heightened security measures are recommended or required. From protecting storefront and store tellers in the urban commercial environment to showcasing priceless valuables in glass casings, top-grade bullet resistant glass has been a Glasswerks staple for over 60 years.

What is Bullet Resistant Glass?

Bullet Resistant glass (a.k.a "bulletproof glass" or "ballistic glass") is achieved through the multiple layering of laminated glass wherein several lites of glass are bonded together by a 13" polycarbonate material, typically Polyvinyl Butyrol (PVB). It is this PVB interlayer, not the glass lite, which essentially helps sustain a bullet's blow and slows down its penetration. PVB adds another element of safety by maintaining the structural integrity of the glass construction despite its shattering, preventing otherwise large, sharp glass shards from injuring potential bystanders.

Glasswerks provides a series and combination of impact-resistant glass options that fulfill different grades of defense depending on the setting, such as:

Other common applications

  • Blast Mitigation Glass
  • Hurricane Resistant Glass
  • Glass Casings in art galleries, museums, zoos, etc.
  • Prisons and other Government Offices in which polycarbonates may be used

Talk with one of our experienced representatives regarding your specific safety and security glass needs and find out what special discounts are available per order.

  • Custom Fabrication
  • Colorwerks

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