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Laminated Glass

Laminated Glass

Laminated Glass is the perfect marriage of form and function: It allows designers to construct a variety of projects--from architectural glazing and windows to laminated glass furniture--without compromising safety, security and aesthetics. With over six decades of fulfilling design and building experts' glass needs, we at Glasswerks have made Laminated Glass Manufacturing a staple service and custom laminated glass fabrication our expertise. Ask us for a quote, and learn about discounts available per order.

What is Laminated Glass?

Laminated Glass is the construction of two lites of glass bonded together by an adhesive material--typically Polyvinyl Butyrol (PVB). This invisible PVB layer is designed to keep the glass integral to the structure upon breakage, rather than allowing the glass to shatter into otherwise large, sharp, and dangerous pieces. PVB also dulls the edges of broken shards of glass, significantly lowering the risk of injury. After undergoing a series of heating and pressing, the two lites of glass and PVB interlayer become one solid, durable glass construction.

Safety & Security

Throughout the years, Glasswerks has witnessed Laminated Glass become a basic building material for modern architecture and design. Building professionals rely on the security and safety laminated glass solutions offer especially in populous urban areas where security and safety risks are higher in commercial areas. Glasswerks supplies tempered laminated glass, heat strengthened laminated glass, and bullet resistant laminated glass that meet specific safety and building codes, such as CPSC 16 CFR 1201 category I and II as well as ANSI Z97.1.


Exciting design challenges test the talent of contemporary architects and building professionals, and we at Glasswerks enjoy taking part in the process of meeting these demands. When the San Diego Baseball stadium needed a railing for their VIP seats, designers knew they could depend on Glasswerks to provide world-class laminated glass to construct a durable barrier for their avid sports fans. Due to the invisible PVB interlayer, spectators have both the crystal clear view of the game and industry-tested glass protection from that occasional fly ball.

Other Common Applications

We are the glass fabricator that delivers world class products and takes pride in working like we have been since the beginning--with excellent customer service as our priority. Read more about who we are and our Partnership Approach to excellent glasswork.

Call us for a quote. We look forward to hearing what design challenge we can help you meet.

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