Spandrel and Back-Painted

Spandrel and Back-Painted Glass

Discover Our Range of Opaque Glass Options

Glasswerks offers a full selection of non-vision glass products, including spandrel glass, ceramic frit-coated glass, silicone back-painted glass, and more. We proudly serve customers in Southern California and Hawaii, as well as in the Las Vegas, Nevada area with our quality opaque glass product offerings. Our spandrel and back-painted glass products are ideal for a wide range of applications, especially as fixed windows and wall cladding. These glass products are most often used as monolithic building exteriors, creating a seamless all-glass look while masking the internal building structure.

There are two primary methods for rendering glass opaque: a ceramic frit-coating process and a silicone back-painting process. Each type of spandrel and back-painted glass product has key advantages, features, and applications.